Responsive Magento Theme Flannel – Members’ site showcase

Flannel -- one of our best responsive Magento themes, released early this year has won many hearts. We reached out to Flannel members asking for permission to highlight their sites for the showcase and here are some of the Magento stores using Flannel. It is interesting to note that though Flannel demo is themed around camera store but members have easily adapted it for their products ranging from sportswear to electronics / laptop stores.

If you are new to Flannel, you can refer to the feature blog we published few months back. Our Magento themes features trending minimal design and are well tuned with various extensions and features, Flannel helps to present your products in the most appealing way: multi-color skin, multi-language, homepage slideshow, product quick view and ajax shopping cart.

Responsive Magento theme for digital stores - Flannel

Responsive Magento theme Flannel

Flannel theme initially aims for tech and online electronics stores. Howeve the theme can be used for any purpose and fits well, it’s still a pleasure for us to see how this Magento theme has been used to create amazing stores and sites. It’s a difficult task to pick, but here is the showcase of our 4 favourite stores using Flannel Magento theme. If you are already working on an online Magento project or thinking about it, just check out the showcase and see how our members are using our themes.

1. Depor Shop

Deport Shop

Depor Shop is an energetic fitness and sport equipments store. It has a nice custom work in the slideshow and add-on effects.

2. ITA Sport Activewear

ITA Sport store

Compared to our Flannel theme, this sport store site has small custom work in the slideshow and a twist in slider.

3. LoxField -- Innovative products

LoxField website

LoxField is a lovely store presenting innovative products for home. The layout and slideshow color of Flannel just fits well into the site.

4. Applebolt

Applebolt website

Apparently, Magento theme Flannel’s concept just suits for Applebolt, an online electronics goods store.

One of the thing to notice is how differently everyone have used the slideshow So, I hope you enjoy the showcase for Magento theme Flannel and get the idea what Flannel can do for you. Do not forget to checkout our collection of 50+ Magento themes out of which on this date 9 are responsive with tons of features. Visit our Showcase page for more awesome themes.

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