Responsive Magento theme Flannel – a charming yet powerful digital store

“The only true love is love at first sight; second sight dispels it.” -- Israel Zangwill

If you ever love this quote, you would think again when you see Flannel responsive Magento theme.

1. Flannel -- Love at first sight

Responsive Magento theme Flannel will bring you a unique and sophisticated site to present your products. Flannel features the 2013 trendy design Flat design -- clean grid layout and solid colors, Ajax Shopping cart, Mega Menu and many more extensions.

So long the Skeuomorphism style, complex and heavy design, in this year 2013, the trend is to focus on simplicity of Flat and Minimal design. Along with the release of Window Phone 8, Flat design is the promising mainstream style of this year.

Quick look of Magento theme Flannel

What do you think? Fallen in love with Flannel yet? If yes, check out Flannel on action at Flannel Demo Site. If not, don’t turn away and spare some more minutes to see what’s next.

2. You’ll love Flannel more at second sight

This section will give you a better understand of Flannel.

Flannel -- Responsive Magento Design

2013 will continue to be the year of Responsive design with the fact of a non-stop growing in smart phones and mobile applications. Keep up with the trend, this month Magento theme Flannel will support responsive design, be fully responsive and ready to displayed on any tablet and mobile devices.

Responsive Magento theme Flannel

Flannel -- Outstanding Features

Magento theme with multi-color skins

The latest improvement on this Magento theme is Base Theme Admin setting which allows you to customize colors for the theme. Easy customization with few clicks away and your online store will have a brilliant look within several simple clicks.

Multicolor setting

Magento theme with Mega Menu

With a wide mega menu, you will be able to display all the categories from your Catalog onto the menu and yet still have an ease of navigation. Static blocks will be supported and styled nicely for mega menu as well.

Mega menu for Magento theme

Magento product Slideshow

Easy to use and configure, transition effects supported, editable transition speed and many more functions.

Slideshow supported for Flannel

Daily Deal extension for promotion optimization

Magento Daily Deal extension is a new and special extension, supported for the first time in Flannel theme. No more simple badges or strikethrough prices for a promotion, with Daily Deal extension in Flannel, you can totally create a groupon-alike landing page and optimize your online promotions.

Daily Deal extension for Flannel theme

Magento Product Quickview extension

Quickview extension allows you to display product details on a popup window. With this, your customers can quickly view and decide to make the purchase without wasting time to jump between pages.

Quickview extension

Multi Language supported for Magento theme

Flannel supports multi-languages and this can be easily configured and set up on back-end. A helpful feature to have to attract world wide customers.

Multi-language supported for Flannel

Magento Ajax shopping cart

The shopping cart function in Magento theme Flannel is tuned with the Ajax technique. With the Ajax technique, whenever customers add or remove an item, your shopping cart will be automatically updated without loading the whole website again. This feature is an advantage as it saves loading time for the page and as well as users time from going back and forward every time they edit the shopping cart.

Ajax shopping cart for Flannel

Flannel Products list

A better way to display products with Flannel products list. New-arrival products and Best-sellers products are now easily marked with eye-catching labels like “New” or “Hot”.

Flannel products list

Slider for Product thumbnail images

Still the Product details page, but this time in Flannel, the product thumbnail images are displayed in a slider. A slider of images will help your customers view products faster and smoother, compared to clicking on each image like before.

Slider for product thumbnail image

Now since you have had a deep look into Flannel features and functions, did you fall in love with it yet? Flannel is a promising Magento theme for your digital online store.

If you haven’t checked out on Flannel yet, don’t miss out on the awesomeness.

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