Leathercraft – Responsive Magento theme for fashion stores

Responsive Magento theme Leathercraft is a great makeover just-in-case you want something elegant and premium for your eCommerce Magento store! Let’s see why.


Leathercraft - responsive Magento theme for fashion storesLeathercraft -- an artistic responsive Magento theme for handbags & accessories stores

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It’s never easy to decide when it comes to choosing themes; even when you have lots of helpful tips in hand. We have worked on to create Leathercraft to please those who are in need of a responsive Magento theme for handbags and accessories e-stores. Even if your own an eCommerce site about fashion, leather arts and crafts or décor items, Leathercraft can still rock!

What may you fall for in Leathercraft?

#1 Trendy design

Responsive Magento theme Leathercraft designThe design of Leathercraft

Responsive Magento theme Leathercraft charms visually: flat design, grid layout with a good placement of slideshow, sliders, massheads and promotional blocks to display your imagery. In short, you will be able to show off lots of graphics and messages while still highlighting your items right in the spotlight at the same time.

Small details that you may love : A handy static block in Leathercraft allowing you to quote a sayings or leave a message for your visitors; a catchy space for you to put the testimonials, or links to any blog post or item info.

Static blocks in Responsive Magento theme LeathercraftStatic blocks in Leathercraft

#2 Complementary extension packed-in

Responsive Magento theme Leathercraft has the mission of bringing the most convenient experience for your customers. With such a collection of 8 complementary Magento extensions packed-in, this elegant theme surely can do this.

* Mega menu

Magento extension Mega Menu in responsive Magento theme LeathercraftDynamic menu solution with Mega Menu

Mega Menu is a slick menu solution for presenting contents and stacking space at the same time. With the dropdown categorized menu, you can also add banners, key product info and clips as well.

* Product tabs

Magento extensions Tabs, Product List and Product Slider in responsive Magento theme LeathercraftTabs for key categories in Leathercraft

Tabs along with Product List is much of help to categorize the items into your desired tabs like New Arrivals / Accessories / etc. Located under the slideshow and slider, these tabs can grab your viewers’ attention to your key categories. Not to mention this helps to stack the space for Homepage by the way.

* Quick View

Magento extension Quickview in responsive Magento theme LeathercraftQuick view pop-up window for details

With QuickView, your customers can have the quick access to an actual product detail right from the product list. Once clicked at the thumbnail button, the pop-up window with item info will appear with ease.

#3 Choices of colors, layouts and labels customizing

First, responsive Magento theme Leathercraft offers 5 default theme skins for you to switch around. You can access these color alternatives on the top panel of the theme.

Responsive Magento theme Leathercraft color options for theme skinsLeathercraft color options for theme skins

Second, if you want more options for personalizing, Basetheme is ready to rock. With this Magento theme customizing tool, you will have countless colors to select for background, header and footer. Moreover, you can define layouts for different types of screen, just head over Basetheme blog post for more details.

Magento extension Basetheme in responsive Magento theme LeathercraftLeathercraft with practical theme customization tool

Last but not least, also with Basetheme, you can add tags for your items to suggest shoppers about which are hot/new/sale on shelves.

Magento extension Basetheme in responsive Magento theme LeathercraftColorful tags for items in Leathercraft

#4 Responsive layout and settings

Responsive layout in responsive Magento theme LeathercraftHow Leathercraft looks perfectly in various screen sizes

Leathercraft is ready to rock on any type of devices from PCs to smartphones and tablets. Not only supporting the responsive layout, the theme also ships with responsive settings for especilly the theme customize tool Basetheme. This means that you are freely to customize the layout and colors of Leathercraft for mobiles and tablets respectively.

Off-canvas navigation in responsive Magento theme LeathercraftOff-canvas navigation in Leathercraft

Especially for mobile devices, responsive Magento theme Leathercraft features Off-canvas navigation. With this parallel menu bar, your customers can navigate with ease within your site without loading back to the previous pages.

#5 Multi-language options

Multiple languages and currencies alternatives in responsive Magento theme LeathercraftMultiple languages and currencies alternatives for Leathercraft

Responsive Magento theme Leathercraft supports various languages and currencies for you to reach customers in their own desired preferences.

Wrapping up

Phew, enough talking now. Feel responsive Magento theme Leathercraft yourself with the Live Demo site, guess that it is much more convincing and illustrative there!

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