Introducing Ultimate Responsive Magento 2 mega menu – UB Mega Menu

Nov 4, 2019 Update: New update to our Magento 2 Mega Menu v1.1.6 -- allows to restrict access to specific menu groups to selected customer group(s). Fully compatible with the latest Magento 2.3.3.

It’s great to announce that our growing Magento 2 extension store sees a brand new Magento 2 mega menu extension today -- UB Mega menu (1.0 beta)! For the past couple of years, mega menu has become a trend in web design, in particular of e-commerce website. That’s why we add this extension into our Magento 2 store, following our first UB Content Slider extension.

UB Mega Menu makes it simple to get started but powerful enough to create highly customised and creative Magento 2 mega menu configurations. It fits all the requirements of modern menu like responsive, mega drop down, support multi elements… I will walk you through key highlights of our initial release (for sure, you can expect new enhancements to be added in the upcoming updates).

Magento 2 Mega Menu Complete Set
UB Mega menu for Magento 2 allows you to create beautiful horizontal and vertical menu layouts splitted into columns, and embed rich media elements (images, videos, banner etc.,) into menu items.

For any Magento store, it’s a common practice to add category, CMS page link, CMS Static block content, custom link or other Magento default links like My Account, My Wishlist, Login etc., into mega menus. Our Magento 2 UB Megamenu facilitates to display all these options in one visual panel with smooth effects, no scrolling needed.

From our experience with Magento 1 themes, mega menu is one of the most effective way to organise navigation options to capture user attention with featured typography, icons, featured images etc.,

All New Magento 2 Mega menu

All New Magento 2 Mega menu

Responsive & Mobile Optimised
UB mega menu is 100% mobile ready. It automatically adapts to many screen sizes thanks to its responsive capabilities. No matter what mobile devices users might use, they can easily browse through your site. For a quick overview, you can scale your browser to a smaller width, the menu will switch to the mobile layout like the following screenshort.

Magento 2 Mega Menu - Fully Responsive

Fully Responsive Mega menu

Enhanced Drag n Drop Interface
Drag and Drop is one of those interactions that can really help to make configuration simple to use. It gives you the ability to easily stack and arrange menu items on the fly.

Imagine that your Magento 2 store has a wide variety of menu items, then adjusting sort order or change hierarchy of parent vs. child menu items is very easy, simply drag and drop menu item in the desired location.

Magento 2 Mega Menu - User-friendly Drag n Drop Interface

User-friendly Drag n Drop Interface

Support multiple types of custom Content & more
You can add plentiful contents into the menu itself: Featured product, New arrival or Hot deals with great promotional pictures; Contact form, maps and About Us as well. Show banner, video, -- all without leaving the main menu. UB Mega menu lifts all hard work and gives you the ability to add these content types with ease.

As you might know, besides displaying main product categories for newcomers, one of the best practice is to display featured and new products for loyal customers. Presenting users with clearly defined options that engage instantly is the key.

Magento 2 Mega Menu - Support Multiple Content Types

Support Multiple Content Types

Enhanced Font Awesome Icons
UB Mega menu supports the latest Font Awesome version 4.5.0, beside the option to upload custom icons.

Font Awesome -- one font, 605 Icons -- gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customised -- size, color, drop shadow etc., Apart from the typographic hierarchy, small visual aids like icons are perfect to make scanning easier.

10+ Built-in transitions effects
UB Mega menu for Magento 2 has a variety of animations effects, giving you ultimate control over how your menu items will interact when users browse the main navigation. You don’t have to play around with CSS, simply switch the configuration options.

Magento 2 Mega Menu - A wide variety of animation effects

A wide variety of animation effects

Style Magento 2 mega menu your ways
Magento 2 UB Megamenu makes it easier for you to customise the mega menu, with a variety of configuration options. You can set featured products / categories in menu content, adjust columns’ attributes (size, number of column etc.,). You can do just anything, simply by filling in your desired params or toggling options on and off.

Custom CSS is supported too, and you can easily apply your own customisation to individual parts to fit your need. If you don’t use our pre-made layout, you can build your own.

Magento 2 Mega Menu - Endless customisation possibilities with custom CSS

Endless customisation possibilities with custom CSS

Upcoming features…

We strive for improvements and ease of use, so more features, enhancements will be added in the coming time. We want to ensure that we’re delivering the highest possible quality to you, so your feedback is extremely important to us. Please help to share your feature wish list, suggestion or any view on on our (Magento 2) UB Mega menu via this form.

For now, let’s head over to our Magento 2 UB Mega menu demo to see how it helps present your navigation options to your web visitors in a way that a traditional drop down menu cannot achieve. This is why for long mega-menu has become a must-have for eCommerce websites. Are you using our Magento 1 Mega menu already? Will you try our Magento 2 UB Mega menu on your sites?

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Back-end Demo:
-- URL:
-- Username: megamenu
-- Password: megamenu@123

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  • cire

    Is this downloadable somewhere for beta testing?

    • Please give our team a more days, the download should be available next week. Meanwhile, have you walked through our backend demo? Key features are in place as mentioned here:

      – Backend URL:
      – Username: megamenu
      – Password: megamenu@123

      • cire

        Thanks. yes, I have looked at it.. we are in need of a working ubermenu for our client.. please reply here once something is released. Thank you!

        • Sure Cire, we will keep you informed once our UB Mega menu is ready.

      • Borislav

        When we should expect a download link? Thanks in advance!

        • We’re in the final step to get UB Mega Menu ready, the download is about to be available within today, Borislav.

        • We’re in the final step to get UB Mega Menu ready, the download is about to be available within today, Borislav.

    • FYI, apart from code-base fine-tuning, we’re working on a few stuffs now:

      – Implement ajax-based category listing (admin)
      – Add simplified TinyMCE editor
      – Optimise vertical menu on tablet…

  • Hi @disqus_lHw6Qqba2y:disqus and @disqus_YAZIn4PTre:disqus, our UB Mega Menu is now available for purchase. Please have a look here –

  • Lorenzo

    Is it possibile to integrate with your menu this kind of feature? I think is really important.

    • Hi Lorenzo,

      We see the feature you mention is a good tweak for UX. However, for our current approach, it will require pretty heavy customisation to integrate the JQuery library you mentioned. At present, we do not use JS to handle menu functionalities, so integrating jQuery will need to change html markup and related CSS not only for desktop, but also responsive cases.


      Ubertheme team