To back up an appointment, whenever Magento 2.0 with the new version we also update the tool. Surely you are familiar with our tool, today we have some new information for you about the changes to the tools.If this is the first time you have come across this tool, then do read in detail about the features, which we have covered in our earlier blog post. Not only we have updated it to work with current version of Magento 2 but we have also focused on improvements and it is now more user-friendly than ever. Continue reading


So Magento has been released. Here is the quick review highlighting a few of the good things about security we would get with Magento
Enjoy it and hopefully you can make up your mind!
With the latest edition of Magento, you can get your online stores for :

  • against several potential threats
  • manage the backward compatibility of the patch for extensions and customizations
  • stronger security system

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