As a Magento geek, you must already know that the latest Magento is now available! With this version, Magento team has significant improves in functions, core performance and security. Name some of the improvements like: enhancement in tax calculations and security, better product quality and stability, checkout performance and much more. You can check the Magento 1.8 Release Note for more details.

So, what does it have to do with us? Here comes the compatibility campaign of Magento 1.8: first batch with our 6 Magento themes to Magento 1.8 which are: Gamestore, Crafts, Monsieur, Sporty, Hawkstore and Lingerie.

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You may already know Magento extension BaseTheme from most of our recent responsive Magento themes. BaseTheme is to optimize the personalization of our Magento themes in term of layout and color. This extension rocks because it eliminates the time-consuming process of styling and encoding to create anything out-of-default.

We have recently released BaseTheme upgraded version 1.1.0 with back-end settings especially for mobile and tablet layouts.

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