Zoom-in Bookshop – responsive Magento theme for bookstores

Dec 30, 2016 Update
UB Bookshop for Magento 2 is now available -- Check out Live demo.

Dear Magento geeks, responsive Magento theme Bookshop is our very first theme dedicated for online bookstores. Bookshop theme is compatible with both Magento 1.7 and the latest Magento 1.8 version too.

At the first glance, our Bookshop presents the trending flat design with a professional block layout. To dig out more, the theme is armed with 9 Magento extensions including Mega Menu, BaseTheme, Slideshow 2, Masshead, Product Slider, Tabs, Product, Quickview and especially Product Deal. Not to mention this Magento theme is fully responsive and features Off-canvas navigation.

Browse through the features of our latest magento theme Bookshopand you would want to launch a bookstore of your own.

Responsive Magento theme BookshopBookshop -- our November responsive Magento theme for bookaholics

Bookshop Demo More Info

1. Do your product promotion with Product Deal

Product Deal in Magento theme BookshopProduct Deal extension as Deals of the Week block in Bookshop

If you loved Magento theme Flannel, then you already know this stimulus Magento extension. Product Deal rocks if you believe your customers love discount deals just like me. This practical Magento extension allows you to select discount items, the discount rate and the duration of promotion at ease. The Accordion effect is added for a smoother move when your buyers click to any item as well. Never miss a chance for promotion with Product Deal.

2. Dropdown Mega Menu with featured product and advertising banner display

Mega Menu in Magento theme BookshopMagento extension Mega Menu is built-in Bookshop

Magento extension Mega Menu helps you to organize and present your resourceful product categories in a single dropdown menu. User-friendly and dynamic, this extension is exactly what you need if you have a huge number of contents to show off. Also the Featured Product box and the banner position are available so that you can promote your products right from the start.

3. Responsive design with Off-canvas layout

Responsive layout in Magento theme BookshopBookshop is fully responsive and ready to rock on all devices

Comfortable for the go-mode, Bookshop supports responsive design. The theme can win you the shoppers’ attention even when they are away from their PCs -- our Magento theme can be displayed perfectly in any collapsed screen devices like smartphones or tablets. So why limit your site on desktop view when Bookshop is fully responsive?

Off-canvas layout in responsive Magento theme BookshopOff-canvas layout for better navigation in Bookshop

Along with the responsive layout, Magento theme Bookshop supports off-canvas navigation. With a glide of finger, shoppers can navigate within your store freely without loosing track. How convenient it is as less lost track means less lost sales.

4. Color enrichment with Magento BaseTheme

Basethem in Magento theme BookshopBaseTheme as Bookshop customization tool

BaseTheme extension knows how to give you the best experience of theme customization. With this handy Magento extension, you can personalize Bookshop at ease to suit your own taste. Plus, with BaseTheme, you can label your products as Hot, Sales, New and so on. Practical and professional, this Magento extension is worth your click for more details.

5. Give viewers the best reach of product details

Quickvier in Magento theme BookshopQuickview for the comfort of viewers

Featuring QuickView Magento extension, responsive Magento theme Bookshop allows you to give shoppers the most convenient accessibly way to product details. There will be no more loading new pages while browsing the product page; just a click to each item and the pop-up window for details will appear.

6. Sidebar product filter

Sidebar filter in Magento theme BookshopSidebar filter in Bookshop

This is the second time we have Homepage sidebar filter for our Magento ecommerce themes; the first time was for the lovely theme Siotis. With the sidebar filter, shoppers can easily reach out the specific items that suit their needs and wants most. The ranges of filter can be defined in the backend of Bookshop.

7. Selective alternatives with sticky top panel and social sharing

Sticky panel in BookshopSticky top panel in Magento theme Bookshop

The Social sharing buttons are sticky, and placed on the left side of your e-stores for your customers to connect with you at ease. Sticky top panel allows your viewers to swatch around some essential settings they might need. On the right of the top panel, shoppers can find the shopping cart to check what they have chosen so far. There are also alternatives in languages, currencies or skin colors. Besides, customers can have quick access to their accounts, profiles, wish lists and cart.

8. Christmas theme

Christmas theme skin of responsive Magento theme BookshopWinter feeling in Christmas theme of Bookshop

Isn’t it time for you to breeze some Christmas feel into your e-store? Among 6 different theme skins, responsive Magento theme Bookshop offers a built-in Xmas theme. With the textured background and lots of details referring to winter and Christmas gifts, the theme skin can grab attention of any visitor. It is also a smart idea as the wrapped paper gift may remind our shoppers that time for buying gifts is coming.

Wrapping up…

Bookshop will stir up the feel of such a welcoming and informative bookstore. I am not saying that this responsive Magento theme design cannot suit other product ranges – we are happy to see you guy’s personalization. Head over for the Live Demo and explore this fascinated theme.

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