UB Data Migration Pro

Feb 28, 2018 Update
UB Data Migration Pro version 3.1.3 has just been released -- here, with an absolutely refreshed Dashboard UI. Fully compatible with Magento 2.2.3. It supports Command-line Interface (CLI) which allows you to proceed migration steps using the command lines in CLI mode, after completing all pre-migration setting steps.

After months of hard work, UB Data Migration Pro v3.0 (V3) is now a reality. I am excited to announce that the version 3 (V3) is a complete overhaul compared to its older sibling.

The new V3 provokes familiar questions:

  • Can I migrate Magento 1 data into an existing Magento 2 database?
  • I have new customers, order and inventory changes during the development time, can I transfer such new data from Magento 1 site without re-migration from the scratch?
  • Is it possible to migrate only specific data portions?

The short answer: YES. Even better, the V3 makes life easier for large-scale data migration, with one of the most striking new features -- Delta migration.

UB Data Migration Pro V3

UB Data Migration Pro V3

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UB QuickView for Magento 2

We’re excited to launch our new Magento 2 extension today -- UB Quick View.

The Quick View extension is extremely valuable for Magento stores, it brings a convenient experience to the shoppers: for any item they pay attention to, only one click is needed to reach the item info. There will be no more page reloading, shoppers can preview product detail directly from the category page via a pop-up window with Ajax Add-to-Cart button appears in no time.

UB Quick View is powered by Ajax technology and built in extensive options for configuration. The popup window displays brief product details, a lot like the product page with typical key elements:

  • Product Image
  • The product title
  • Product Description
  • Price and Ajax-add-to-cart button
  • Customer reviews
  • Link to navigate to Product page

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UB Data Migration Pro

Feb 28, 2018 Update: UB Data Migration Pro version 3.1.3 has just been released -- here, with an absolutely brand new Dashboard UI. Fully compatible with Magento 2.2.3. It supports delta migration, PHP Memcached and fully ready for large-scale data migration.

Moving your store to Magento 2 to take full advantage of it’s new design is now possible for many shop owners. It’s clear to see a lot of improvements in the whole new Magento 2 structure, but there is one big disadvantage. The difference between Magento 1 and 2 architecture is huge, which means that data isn’t easily transferable; how will you do it if you want to upgrade your Magento 1 shop to a Magento 2 shop?

Since early 2015, we at Ubertheme have worked on, and continually improved, a free UB Data Migration tool that migrates the data from Magento 1’s database to the Magento 2’s; using the right structure for Magento 2’s new database architecture.

Long story short, we transfer the data for you without the errors that are typical when there are such sweeping changes in software architecture.

This free tool has helped to ease the migration process for thousands of people across the world already. However, to provide a better, stable and more feature-rich solution for Magento 2 migration, our team decided to upgrade to a premium migration tool — UB Data Migration Pro that gives us the chance to maintain an active update, patches and bug fixes.

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Magento 2 UB Mega menu

Mar 2, 2018 Update: New update to Magento 2 UB Mega Menu v1.0.9. Fully compatible with the latest Magento 2.2.3. Check out full feature list and change log here.

It’s great to announce that our growing Magento 2 extension store sees a brand new extension today -- UB Mega menu (1.0 beta)! For the past couple of years, mega-menu has become a trend in web design, in particular of e-commerce website. That’s why we add this extension into our Magento 2 store, following our first UB Content Slider extension.

Magento 2 UB Mega-menu makes it simple to get started but powerful enough to create highly customised and creative mega menu configurations. It fits all the requirements of modern menu like responsive, mega drop down, support multi elements… I will walk you through key highlights of our initial release (for sure, you can expect new enhancements to be added in the upcoming updates).

Magento 2 Mega-menu Complete Set
UB Mega menu for Magento 2 allows you to create beautiful horizontal and vertical menu layouts splitted into columns, and embed rich media elements (images, videos, banner etc.,) into menu items.

For any Magento store, it’s a common practice to add category, CMS page link, CMS Static block content, custom link or other Magento default links like My Account, My Wishlist, Login etc., into mega menus. Our Magento 2 UB Megamenu facilitates to display all these options in one visual panel with smooth effects, no scrolling needed.

From our experience with Magento 1 themes, mega menu is one of the most effective way to organise navigation options to capture user attention with featured typography, icons, featured images etc., Continue reading

UB Content Slider 1.0.6

Dec 20, 2016 Update: New Version 1.0.9 Release -- Fully compatible with the latest Magento 1.9.3. See UB Content Slider Changelog.

In the version 1.0.5 and older, [Magento 2] UB Content Slider extension makes use of shortcodes embedded in blocks, pages or calls sliders via XML file. To make things a bit more user-friendly, we’ve added a new feature to the version 1.0.6 that allows you to add sliders anywhere using widget module manager.

Before we go into details about the new widget enhancement in our UB Content Slider, I will walk you through a bit on Magento 2 Widget.

Introduction to Magento 2 Widget

The Magento widgets system is a graphic interface where you can configure blocks in the front-end, with predefined set of configuration options.

As we have covered the topic introducing Magento 2 widgets part I, Magento 2 has a set of predefined widgets that you can configure and show on different pages. You no longer have to deal with the block short codes to insert the blocks.

While the “content blocks” show a powerful way and flexibility in allowing you to structure the Magento front-end layout using XML files, widgets on the other hand add a more friendly shortcut for administrators to deal with the front-end content. Continue reading

Magento 2 Megamenu extension

April 1, 2016 Update: The beta 1.0 version is now available. Fully compatible with the latest Magento CE 2.0.4 -- Demo.
Mar 18, 2016 Update: Our Megamenu for Magento 2 is taking shape now. We’re still working behind screen to add features and optimise code base. While there’re un-completed parts or bugs here and there, you might want to take a look at our work-in-progress desktop demo.

Megamenu for a long time has become a must-have for a dynamic and professional content showing-off in any eCommerce site. Not just menu items but also embed rich media (video, link, image, banner etc.,) in multiple-columns presentation are added just with a few clicks away. And you can customise any to them upon your favour…. at your choice.

Since Magento 1.x, Ubertheme did have a robust Mega Menu extension in place that allows you to display your categories and sub-categories in a multi-column drop down menu. You can promote items, banners and clips right in the Mega Menu. If you are new to Ubertheme, Techzone theme can give you a close reference on how it works in real use case. Continue reading

UB Content Slider for Magento 2

April 29, 2016 Update: New Version 1.0.7 Release -- Changelog.
Mar 25, 2016 Update: New Version 1.0.6 Release -- This update allows to add slide anywhere using Magento 2 widget, a handy way to edit/add content inside CMS blocks or page. See how Magento 2 widget helps enhance UB Content Slider.
Feb 2, 2016 Update: UB Content Slider has just been upgraded to Magento 2.0.2
Jan 21, 2016 Update: UB Content Slider is now fully compatible with the latest Magento 2.0.1, a security patch that has just been released one day ago. Visit Magento Security Center for detailed information about this patch.

Keep updating always on Magento 2. Today we are very happy to announce the newest Ub Content Slider Extension for Magento 2 was released on Ubertheme which our team dedicatedly worked to give a newest Slider Extension to work on both image slider, product and video uploaded. It does not only support to rotate different banners, eye-catching and attractive images display but also show up video uploaded and product(hot and new product uploaded).

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