A successful Magento e-store is what catches shoppers’ eyes right from their first visit. This is especially true for jewelry or accessory store, where customer’s decision to buy depends most on how stunning your site and your products look.

In an attempt to bring in a clean yet elegant feel to your jewelry store, UberTheme team now introduces Gem -- A responsive Magento theme featuring modern design and well-built Magento extensions.

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As 2014 is coming to its end, there’s no better time to lay back and reflect on what have kept us bustling about all year round. For our team members at UberTheme, 2014 is a year full of turning points, learnings and hard-core improvements. Our business at the new house has seen an unexpected upswing and we couldn’t have achieved that big without the constant, huge support from our honoured users. We would like to take this moment to voice our sincere thanks to you all.

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Magento 2.0 has been the talk of the Magento town for months and the beta version was finally released yesterday. Not staying behind we are today releasing our first FREE responsive Magento 2.0 theme (beta) for you all to test drive.

Our team has been tracking the progress and working hard to stay updated and prepare ourselves for the official Magento 2.0 release.

Whats on this page :

  • Preview screenshots of our free Magento 2.0 theme -- Crafts.
  • Demo URL with backend login and Download link (GitHub)
  • Roadmap for Craft -- Magento 2.0 theme (its just a beta now)
  • Tieup with for compatibility testing

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