7 Responsive Magento themes updated for Magento

Oct 25, 2016 Update: Our 27+ themes have been upgraded to the latest Magento If one of the themes in the list was used for your project, we highly recommend you check out this important update to keep your site up to date.

7 Responsive Magento themes have just been released today for our first batch of Magento upgrade with a number of bug fixes. In case you missed, here is a number of key features in this Magento version.

  • Configurable swatches
  • An enhanced responsive design reference theme
  • Better site performance and security
  • Support for Google Universal Analytics

The 7 Responsive Joomla templates of this batch are:

Magento theme upgrades


Find the changelogs for details or just hit the Download section to enjoy your new updates.


For all the Magento themes that we have and would upgrade to Magento, we will support the themes in both Magento 1.7 and Magento 1.8 in Download package. However, as for the Quickstart package, we will only support latest Magento 1.9 version only.


In prior to any upgrade, remember backing up your source files first. You should follow our Magento Upgrade guide and instruction to upgrade from your Magento 1.8.

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  • Davide Redaelli

    in sporty there’s no quickstart, link doesn’t work

    • Please recheck, we fixed the issue .Thanks 🙂

  • funlolz

    how to download the Megamall lastest version ? I ordered it on themeforest but that version was old.

    • Hi Funlolz,

      We still not yet update to ThemeForest with lastes version. But you can register one account in the UberTheme and let me know the ID purchased in the ThemeForest i will send you the latest version.

      Best Regards,

  • Very good collection of themes. I quite like the themes that you added here.

  • Prasad Jagtap

    demo links not working

    • Hi @@disqus_Gzsw4geYFg:disqus,

      We wonder which theme you’re taking a look at. There’re old themes that we no longer maintain.

      Ubertheme team