As the first Magento theme release for the year 2014, iTech is a dedicated responsive Magento theme built for digital and electronic stores. The theme will create an excellent online shopping experience for your store with trendiness and great UI application in the front end along with stable responsive settings, theme customizing tools and much more.

The theme supports responsive layout with off-canvas menu for mobile devices, Mega Menu, cool accordion effect and theme customization tool.

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MegaMall general

Hola guys,

If you own an eCommerce site or are about to open one, look at it and answer these questions:

  • Does your store contain a wide range of products?
  • Do you have many promotional deals to deliver?
  • Do your have a huge number of items?
  • Do you want your store to be well displayed on mobile and tablet?
  • Do you want a store well-equipped with features and functions?
  • Does your store is about digital stuff, souvenirs, fashion or just all of these?

If most of your answers are “Yes”, then you may want to take a look at our Responsive Magento theme MegaMall. Designed with clean and dynamic style, Magento theme MegaMall aims to fit wide range of products and no matter what type of products you are about to sell, this theme can definitely fit in and rock your site.

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Bookshop responsive

Dec 30, 2016 Update
UB Bookshop for Magento 2 is now available -- Check out Live demo.

Dear Magento geeks, responsive Magento theme Bookshop is our very first theme dedicated for online bookstores. Bookshop theme is compatible with both Magento 1.7 and the latest Magento 1.8 version too.

At the first glance, our Bookshop presents the trending flat design with a professional block layout. To dig out more, the theme is armed with 9 Magento extensions including Mega Menu, BaseTheme, Slideshow 2, Masshead, Product Slider, Tabs, Product, Quickview and especially Product Deal. Not to mention this Magento theme is fully responsive and features Off-canvas navigation.

Browse through the features of our latest magento theme Bookshopand you would want to launch a bookstore of your own.

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This October, our responsive Magento theme Gamestore is a big hit. Designed in a dark tone of color, with bold typography and cutting-edge blocks, Gamestore is dedicated for eCommerce game sites. The theme is packed with Mega Menu, Off-canvas layout, responsive design and many more handy Magento extensions.

What make it so special? Firstly, Gamestore features a complete Halloween skin promising to rock your site on this event. Secondly, the theme holds a variety of our innovative style and design for the first time.

Let’s get a closer look at this big fist theme of the year!

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Magento extension Basetheme

Magento extension BaseTheme is our ambition to deliver one of the best tools for Magento geeks to customize our Magento themes.

For just a little look back, there was a time we got stuck with default colors like Black, White, Blue, Red and so on. You wished for a touch out-of-default? Our Magento team did offer a CSS file in which you could modify the codes yourself, provided that you had time to kill and experience about CSS.

It was not convenient at all, so it came the launch of BaseTheme -- a powerful tool in which you could personalize sites with our Magento themes at ease. Here comes livelier shades of colors -- Emerald, Maroon, Ghostwhite, Turquoise, LavenderBlush, whatever in just some clicks!

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Our responsive Magento theme Crafts is a perfect fit for any crafts shop. This must be the great makeover for those who wish to impress their shoppers with the artistic and vivid feeling!

Technically, Crafts is fully armed with a list of complimentary Magento extensions. Here comes the list: Slideshow for homepage product slideshow, Basetheme for smoother color customization, eye-catching category header including titles and graphics with Masshead and QuickView to serve the viewers at most convenience. Along that Crafts presents refreshing ideas for every traditional module.

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Neat and strong, elegant and fashionable, these words may cross your mind when you first see our latest Magento responsive theme Sporty. The spotlight of this theme is our new extension – Color Swatch that gives the viewers a clearer visualization of the product in other available size and color. In this theme, we also support the Off-canvas navigation which gives better display layout for your store on mobile devices and tablet.

Besides, there is a list of not to miss out Magento extensions which we support in this sporty theme: Slideshow, Basetheme, Mega Menu, Product slider and so on.

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