UB QuickView for Magento 2

Changelog for (Magento 2) UB Quick View extension -- version 1.0.6.
Latest update: May 4, 2020

  • Testing for compatibility with Magento 2.3.5
  • Fine-tuning codebase
  • Testing for compatibility with Magento 2.3.4
  • Fine-tuning codebase
  • Added new Mobile Modal
  • Added new modal types: Right to left, Left To right, Slide -- Up (Desktop Only), Slide -- Down (Desktop Only)
  • Support Hotspot and lookbook integration with UB Content Slider module -- see details.
  • Testing for compatibility with Magento 2.3.1, 2.3.2.
  • Improved: update the codebase to be fully compatible with our new UB Base extension that manages all Ubertheme’s extensions under one backend UI dashboard.

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UB Data Migration Pro

Changelog for (Magento 2) UB Data Migration Pro extension (version 3.2.3)
Latest update: May 4, 2020

  • Compatibility testing with Magento 2.3.4, 2.3.5
  • Fixed the issue on special bitnami database settings
  • Fixed the issue on the label/alt value of product galleries in the multiple stores context
  • Compatibility testing with Magento 2.3.3
  • Allowed to convert core’s email template paths in the migrated email template’s content
  • Allowed to migrate CMS Blocks, CMS Pages data, as noted here.
  • Added CLI commands to check and remove migrated data objects in M2 which no longer exist in Magento 1 since the last migration.
  • Fine-tuning source code in all steps and adding extra tweak code to handle special cases of bad data.
  • Fine-tuning to handle additional special cases of data settings
  • Improved server side processing to enhance the access token.
  • Supported to convert hidden tax data fields (in the sales data section)
  • Added additional CLI commands to clean data migration log in all steps:
      • php -f bin/ubdatamigration clean
      • php -f bin/ubdatamigration clean --step=2 (You replace with your specific step 2,3,4,5,6,7 or 8 respectively)

    NOTE: This CLI is limited to the case that you deleted any migrated items in Magento 2 after the first migration. This CLI is handy to remove the migration log of those removed items so that you can continue the delta migration as normal.

  • Supported to migrate active Sales Quotes data (The sales quotes which have not been converted to sales order yet)
  • Added additional tweak code to migrate delta for (1) migrated items which have changed since the last migration and (2) newly added data items. This improvements are limited to the 6 data objects below:
    • catalog_category_entity and related child data
    • catalog_product_entity and related child data
    • customer_entity and related child data
    • sales_flat_order and related child data
    • sales_flat_quote and related child data
    • sales aggregated data
  • Fixed the issue “Payment method is not available. You still can process offline actions”. Our migration tool now automatically maps the payment methods ‘paypal_direct’ to ‘payflowpro’, ‘paypal_standard’ to ‘paypal_express’ respectively.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Magento CE ver.2.3.2

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Magento PWA Content Slider

Today we are happy to release our 2nd module for Magento PWA Studio -- UB PWA Slider module. It is packed with the newly added service layer for UB Content Slider (ContentSliderGraphQl with GraphQL APIs ready for PWA Storefront). As you might know,
is defined as the main API to support PWA Studio functionality.

The UB PWA Slider module gives you a convenient way to display multiple content boxes -- text, banners, (upcoming feature) product slider, videos or other promotional graphics -- in a single place to your PWA Studio site.

Magento PWA Content Slider for PWA Storefront

In this article, we share the preview of what we’re working on with the UB PWA Slider module. Continue reading

PWA Tutorial: Override & Extend Venia components

This tutorial guides you through overriding and extending a Venia component in order to display specific custom content in your custom React component on a custom Magento PWA site.

By the end of this tutorial, you will know how to:

  • Create a simple custom React component with simple custom content for your Magento PWA Studio site
  • Override Venia components to display that newly created custom content on your custom Magento PWA Studio site:
    • Sample 1: Display a Masthead at the Main Top Content position on all pages of Magento PWA Studio site
    • Sample 2: Display a Slideshow at the Main Top Content position on the homepage of Magento PWA Studio site

Once you master them, you can create your own complex React components beyond these small sample pieces.

Let’s get started. Continue reading

Magento PWA Menu: Hamburger vs Tab Bars

When it comes to the PWA Studio project, should we stick with the classic Hamburger Menus or switch to Tab Bars on mobile?

Even though there are a few alternatives for navigation on mobile, we’re going to lay out all the pros and cons of the hamburger menus and tab bars (bottom navigation) only. We hope it gives you evaluation criteria to find which one is right for your Magento PWA project.

Hamburger menu

The hamburger menus are often listed as #1 choice and become the go-to icon for traditional responsive eCommerce websites. The hamburger menu is the ‘3-bars’ icon on mobile that typically opens up into a side menu or navigation drawer.

However, from an app perspective, during a talk at the Worldwide Developers Conference in 2014, Mike Stern -- designer and Apple UX Evangelist -- was against using the hamburger menu for their apps, saying:

“Remember, the [two] key things about an intuitive navigation system is that they tell you where you are, and they show you where else you can go.”.

So, is the hamburger menu really effective and the best way to display your Magento PWA Studio project’s navigation? To answer this question, first, we need to dive into the effectiveness and usability of this UI element in mobile navigation. Continue reading

Time to care - combat Coronavirus

We all have known the huge impact of the coronavirus pandemic on almost every aspect of our daily life and business. It has caused a significant disruption.

At Ubertheme we care about all of our team safety so our team has moved remote for 2 weeks now -- quite frankly that’s okay with us. We are lucky enough to have business continuity as normal.

Time to care - Combat Coronavirus

Time to care -- Let’s combat Coronavirus

However, we know the months ahead are going to be really freaking tough if the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread. Even though our team can’t change the world, we want to help our partners and merchants navigate this tricky period where possible. Continue reading

PWA Megamenu Installation Guide

In the previous article on Magento PWA Studio tutorial, we walked you through how to have a working copy of the Venia storefront installed and running on top of Magento 2 using @magento/create-pwa command. In this second article on setting up a Magento PWA project, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions for merging our UB Mega Menu storefront into your existing Magento PWA Studio project, so you can get started with your PWA project as quickly as possible.

Before you get started…

If you’re new to UB Mega Menu module and new to Magento PWA Studio in general, get yourself familiar with the following terms first. Continue reading

Magento PWA Studio tutorial

Jun 2, 2020 Note: We have tested this tutorial with the latest PWA Studio 6.0.1 and everything worked fine.
Feb 12, 2020 Note: At the time of writing this tutorial, the Magento PWA Studio version was 5.0.0. We’ve just tested the tutorial with the latest PWA Studio v5.0.1 as well.

As you might know, Magento PWA Studio v5.0.0 officially introduced a new handy command -- @magento/create-pwa -- that allows for getting a new PWA Studio project up and running way easier. Actually, our team noticed that this command was in place before and we did try this command successfully with PWA Studio 4.0.0 for an experimental setup.

This tutorial will walk you through all steps to use this command to set up an initial project structure using the Venia storefront as a template. Continue reading

Update extensions and themes for Magento 234

On January 28th, Magento released version 2.3.4 -- the latest addition to Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce.

The version has addressed over 275 contributions from the community that cover significance enhancements and functional fixes. This big release also covers over 30 security enhancements that address vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting, deserialization of untrusted data, security bypassing etc.

Magento 2.3.4 Updates

Magento 2.3.4 Updates

In the meantime, Magento introduces new integrations, such as Adobe Stock image galleries and Live Chat from dotdigital. It also deprecated some payment gateways from the Magento core platform, such as Authorize.net.

Apart from the upgrades mentioned above, there have been enhancements with the release of Magento PWA Studio 5.0.0. The latest update of PWA Studio now includes new tools to help get a new project up and running quickly. You can see detailed changes in the PWA Studio Release Notes. In case you’re using our UB PWA Mega Menu, you can get started with PWA Studio 5.0.0 now (it’s fully compatible).

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UB PWA Mega Menu

Jan 10, 2020 Update: UB Mega Menu v1.1.8 has just been released, packed with the newly added service layer for UB Mega Menu (MegaMenuGraphQL with GraphQL APIs ready for PWA Storefront).
Dec 31, 2019 Update: UB PWA Mega Menu has been enhanced with progressive skeleton loading pattern and newly added sticky menu.
Dec 20, 2019 Update: We’ve just updated UB PWA Mega Menu demo with incremental optimization and video content type demo.

For those who are curious about the things we are working on, here is a glimpse at our upcoming Magento PWA mega menu module called UB PWA Mega Menu.

For the past month or so, we have dived deep into early development of this module which is built on top of Magento PWA Studio. Although the module will undergo further development, we’re excited to share a quick preview of the features and demo to give you a general overview of the module.

Ready GraphQL based module

As you might know, GraphQL is defined as the main API to support PWA Studio functionality. You can check out this article to learn why GraphQL API could be an obvious choice against REST API in Magento 2 in the near future.

Our approach of UB PWA Mega Menu is to help build a flexible mega menu on top of Magento PWA Studio, so the module uses PWA Studio’s libraries -- GraphQL, React and many other technologies as part of its stack. Continue reading